Morning Star: Soul Of The Beast (2004) The story behind this release is after being dropped from Psychopathic Records, I planned on releasing the Second Book of my Pandora Zodiac series, which was called “Pale Horse: Night of the Living Dead.” It was already complete and ready to go with only a few technical adjustments needing to be made. I was getting raked over the coals for Hunting Season and after the disappointing creation of the original Haunt of Fear, I decided enough was enough and took mixing duties into my own hands. I stripped everything away and built my own mixing set up. I studied as much material and tutorials as I could and dumped tons of money into my set up, christening it “Area 51 Music.” I scrapped the Pandora Zodiac Saga in favor of the “Gospels of the Apocalypse,” starting with this album. A new Co-manager came into the fray when he heard the new music and hopped aboard the newly found Deviant Productions after a bitter split from Fallen Ent. This album would get me some serious notice from a lot of heavyweights in the music industry including Interscope, Geffen and Capitol. Even Psychopathic took notice a year later, but that’s another story for another post.

Hunting Season: Annihilation (2006) The story behind this release is Deviant Productions was in freefall. I opted out of my contract and struck out on my own. I brought aboard some colleagues who would help me build the Area 51 brand and try to repeat the heat I had in 2005. I figured since I started the Gospel of The Apocalypse Saga over, I might as well do Hunting Season again. I came back with a vengeance and musically it shows. This is regarded as perhaps my best release ever. This time period was a whole learning experience as I didn’t have a cohesive team yet and had to do a lot coinciding with this release to ensure my career continued. But Hunting Season: Annihilation was indeed a wonderful album. Now that I think about it, I should have called this album either the original name “The October Game” or “Hunting Season: Vengeance.”

Haunt of Fear: Anthology (2007) The story behind this release is the original Haunt of Fear was HOT GARBAGE!! It was part of a giveaway done by Fallen Ent in 2003 and I was tasked to provide for this label giveaway. I didn’t really have anything planned for it, so I whipped up The Haunt of Fear as a tribute to the EC Comics of the 1950’s. Well needless to say recording it was a joke and the mastering was horse-doo. That original release prompted me to start mixing my own music subsequently I released a newer version of The Haunt of Fear after Soul of the Beast in 2004. The Haunt of Fear 2 was released in 2006 after the collapse of Deviant Productions as a follow up to Annihilation, awaiting the long-anticipated arrival of the Second Gospel “Pale Horse.” When Area 51 Music became its own entity, I combined both Haunt Of Fears, included a host intro on all the songs, wraparound credits tracks, a singalong track after it wrapped and a track from a secret group project by my offshoot group Natural Born Killers. Now The Haunt of Fear releases serve as “bookmarks” between the EP’s (Arcs) and the next Gospel in the Apocalypse Saga.