Keys Through Time

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This is a special collection of tracks entitled "Keys Through Time". This project will feature new, remixed, and re-envisioned tracks that drop once a month on the 15th, for the next twelve months.  

For those who buy the keys and provide proof of purchase to an email along with their address at the end of the twelve months will receive an EXCLUSIVE EP, along with a disc of "Keys Through Time" only for those Sinibites that met the above requirements.  

Buy them month by month, buy them all at once in the end it doesn't matter.  

An email will be given after the 12th key drops where you will be asked to provide proof of purchase of all 12 tracks, along with your address. 


Key 12: "Space & Beyond"                                          Album: Morning Star: Sins of an Angel                  Released: 2002

Dreams are in the far reaches of space.

Goals are within reach.

When I made Space & Beyond many moons ago, it was created as an introspection and reflection of the life I was living at the time and how I wanted more for my life than what was offered then. Decades after its creation, it seems a lot I wanted for my life has come to fruition, but the hunger for more was always there, and as vast as the Cosmos itself.

When I created the Keys, I knew I had to end this particular project in a special way. My mom, when she was alive, told me this song (the Sins of An Angel one in particular) was her favorite. So I thought it a fitting tribute to an album that revisits different periods in my life, to end the album with my mom's favorite song, but revised. Though she has missed much of what Stormrook Ent has become after her passing, I know in my heart she's watching from above in space and beyond. I love you, mom.


 Key 11: "Dreams In Champagne"                               Album: Morning Star: Sins of an Angel                 Released: 2002

First…there was a dream.

Now…there is reality.

Debuting in 1998, “Dreams In Champagne” was a song meant to express the desires and ambitions ofliving a lavish lifestyle with friends in tow. The one memory I have of this song is the lyric that says “I’m givin’ Christy a call on my cellular phone, I’m up in a zone…” was something that happened while writing this song in 1998. I was in the US Army at the time, and while on CQ (Closed Quarters) Duty, I was talking to her on my homie’s cell phone. The idea for this song still resonates decades later, as I’m working tripleovertime to ensure my team and affiliates will enjoy success soon through Stormrook and other endeavors.

A lot has changed over the course of this song, as many people I shouted out in the original, are to a degree irrelevant to the happenings in the song, thus including many shout-outs confined to my team and affiliates. But the spirit of the joys of success still rings true for the theme and I hope when all is said and done, my team and I will experience fully all of our…Dreams In Champagne.

Key 10: "World War 3"
Album: Lionheart EP
Released: 2008

The war began long ago.

I've been in the music game for quite some time now, and I've seen a plethora of changes. Including the evolution of my contemporaries over the decades. I also experienced this evolution when I teamed up with my cousin Dawayne Batts aka Captain Kidd in the mid 2000’s to work on an EP that was different from the normal V Sinizter fare.

This was an Ep or project per se, that was about a young burgeoning king taking over the music industry. As my imagination and creativity goes, I like giving labels to certain things to help me get a pulse and certain connectivity to it. In this case my labels were as follows: The Wicked Rap Underground was Babylon, The hip hop underground was Rome and the mainstream at large was Atlantis.

I had dreams of assailing Babylon and not only planting my flag in Atlantis but positioning myself as king. Those dreams never came to fruition, but the music that served as my warning certainly did, in the form of an EP called Lionheart. On that EP was a song that was an all-out declaration and assault on Atlantis. This song that you now hear is me going for the gusto, challenging those who were in positions of power then. Though a lot has changed since the mid 2000’s, the hunger for supremacy still ravages. And after some edits, here is the culmination of that hunger – World War 3!

The Final Boss

Key 9: "B Alright"

Album: Unreleased

Released: 2023

Life is something else.

Some days you’re on top of the world. Other days, you just don’t want to get out of bed because you’re afraid to face what may come throughout any given day.

This song, I envisioned being a hip-hop version of one of the greatest songs of all time “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

There’s times I have to remind myself no matter how tough things get, the storm that I’m enduring at that moment will pass, and the sun will shine again. This is what the song is about; just take it easy, navigate life’s storms and once the sun shines again – hold your head high and keep it moving. - TFB

Key 8: "Soul of the Beast"

Album: Morning Star: Soul of the Beast

Released: 2004

Though the Keys fell behind a bit due to circumstances out of our control, we’re back on track and here we have “Soul of the Beast.” I originally did this track when I had plans to remix my debut album ‘Morning Star: Sins of An Angel,” back in 2003, before “Soul of the Beast.”

This track was inspired by the anthemic songs that permeate throughout hip-hop, those with stadium claps or big reverb affected sound to give it a grandiose feel. I wanted something big and grand to be on the “Soul of the Beast,” album and the title track was it. Now as a Key, I was able to reshape and reimagine this track with more tools and knowledge at my disposal that I picked up since 2004.

Hope you enjoy this track to kick off 2023, ironic enough – 20 years later since crafting the original one.

Key 7: "The Clocktower"

Album: The Curse of Darkness EP

Released: 2010

In the mythology of the Gospels of the Apocalypse, the Clocktower was a place where an infamous being known as the Twilight Huntsman carried the souls of the departed to await there final trek to their destined fate.

When I originally wrote The Clocktower in 2005, I always imagined it being an intense experience to accurately portray the fear and dread of a shadowy specter who skulks the darkness and shadows, functioning as a grim reaper of sorts. As I've stated an times in terriers, what held me back from realizing the imagined sonic landscapes that formed in my mind was what musical technology was at my disposal at the time of creation.

Now that I've updated my musical sources significantly to keep pace with the speed of my thoughts, The Clocktower matches the ferocity I always pictured it displaying.

Key 6: "F.O.N.T."

Album: None

Released: Unreleased

The night-life is an unusual animal. During my career in music, the night-life made its way into my activities that help create a shift in my musical creativity.

Prior to it, I often stuck with the perceived tradition of being encapsulated by the "wicket sh*t" and not allowing anything I felt was 'mainstream,' to enter my conscience. But as evolution dictates...I was going to evolve. This evolution helped shape me into a more versatile artist, capable of navigating any land and soundscape that may deem itself unfamiliar. The unfamiliarity I felt here was the lifestyle of wine, women and song being a polar opposite of the dark, horrific subject matter I embraced for years prior. I found a new inspiration that would weave its way into my musical stylings.

This new inspiration came with a set of unwritten rules if you will. Those rules established proper etiquette when out and about in what I dubbed "Night-Time City Dwelling" or "Night-Timing" for short. Observation and understanding of these principles ensured a good time to be had, whether the night ended greatly or not so much. So I created a song long ago that wrapped all theses fundamentals into a 3 step process, and here we are today - F.O.N.T...the Fundamentals of Night-Timing. 

Key 5 : "Ju-On"

Album: "Hunting Season: Annihilation"

Released: 2006

"Valentine's Day" from Morning Star: Soul of the Beast was the first iteration of raging heartbreak. "Ju-On" is its spiritual successor. Created in 2004 as a last minute addition to "Hunting Season: Annihilation," Ju-On continues to delve deep into the heartbreak often associated with relationships gone awry.

The reason for the title, correlates to the Japanese horror movie of the same name. The monster Kayako's curse was birthed of extreme unfiltered rage, that ultimately consumes and kills its victims. The rage came as a result of being the victim of her husband's blinding rage, which ironic enough created the rage that fuels Kayako and the curse that follows victims to their death.

This rage in this song is furious and blinding, brought on by the curse of failed love - that ultimately leaves the victim bitter and vengeful.

This is Ju-On.